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Happier Guests, Happier You

Having RueBaRue has tremendously cut the number of questions that guests have about the home and amenities, local attractions and places to eat.

Our guests are loving the digital guestbooks. The Google links that let them view nearby restaurants and attractions are amazing.

RueBaRue was easy to implement and quickly became an important part of our daily operations

Why Use RueBaRue?

RueBaRue Guest Communication Platform Features

Digital Guestbooks

Give your guests all the information they need to plan their trip and enjoy their stay in an easy-to-navigate, digital format. No apps, no downloads.

SMS Automation

Automatically send digital guestbooks, local area guides, guest satisfaction surveys, social media campaigns and more by text messaging (SMS) or email.

Guest SMS Messaging

Answer guest questions by text before and during their stay. Be in quick contact without waiting for phone calls or emails. A unified text message inbox shows and saves all messages and replies for you and your team.

Extend Guest Stays

Offer your guests the opportunity to extend their stay when there are gaps between bookings. Effortlessly drive more revenue while you focus on your business.

SMS Webchat

Live chat with potential guests when you choose and stay connected long after they leave your website with text-based SMS Webchat. Capture leads for your vacation rental business while you’re at it.

Local Area Guides

Generate a starter local guide in seconds that you can customize as you please. Add personal notes to provide guests a true local’s insights. We integrate with Google Places to keep all your local area information up to date.

Guest Reviews

Make it easy for guests to leave great reviews on Google. Help potential guests discover your vacation rental business and increase direct bookings. Learn about possible low-star reviews before they post.

Guest Surveys

Create smart surveys that guests will want to answer. Use surveys to discover guest preferences, personalize their visit, address issues proactively and learn about problems quickly.

Ready to Provide World-Class Hospitality?

What RueBaRue Can Help You Do

Boost your bottom line

When there’s a gap night between bookings on your calendar, offer guests early access to the property. They get to stay an extra night or two at a discount. You get happy guests — and extra money in your pocket.

Save time and cut costs

Create unique digital guestbooks that are personalized but take only seconds to make. Send guestbooks, personalized text messages and guest surveys automatically so guests have everything they want when they need it. Give your guests the freedom to plan their stay while you and your team enjoy a work-life balance.

Get more five-star Google reviews

Not only does RueBaRue lead to happier guests, we also flag issues that could lead to bad reviews before it’s too late. This gives you time to address a problem, keep your guests happy and land those crucial, five-star reviews.

Empower your guests

Stop choosing between a good night’s sleep and being responsive to your guests. Text answers to their questions quickly before and during their stay. A dedicated team inbox shows and stores all messages and responses so nothing goes unanswered.

Go paperless and stay up to date

Lose the clunky binders, brochures and photocopied instructions that become dog-eared and outdated. Wow your guests with a well-designed, always up-to-date digital guestbook and local area guides customized with your insider knowledge. Provide guests with everything they need to know before and during their stay, like directions, access, check-out procedures and more.

Get guests excited about their stay

It takes just minutes to create local area guides that will gift your guests with hours of enjoyment. You can add recommendations manually, but you don't have to. We integrate with Google Places to automatically deliver the best of your area so guests can plan amazing trips. Get rave reviews and build guest loyalty.

Ready to Provide World-Class Hospitality?

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Ready to Provide World-Class Hospitality?