Cutting-Edge Tech That’s Easy to Use

The smartest digital technology won’t help vacation rental home businesses if it isn’t easy to use. Here’s how RueBaRue’s guest communication tools ace simplicity of use.

Easy to install and use

Our software installs quickly and easily and can be used with minimal training.That means most businesses have RueBaRue up and running within a day. To quote a Florida property manager, “The software makes sense, it flows, it’s easy to use — and it’s cut my job in half.”

Customized local area guides created in a snap

Our search algorithm scours the internet for the area’s top restaurants, things to do and essential services. Recommendations upload in seconds and update automatically. Vacation rental managers can keep what they like, drop what they don’t and add anything we missed. Recommendations include addresses, hours, photos, directions and write-ups as well as management team favorites.

Individualized digital digital guestbooks for each home

At the heart of the digital guestbook is the Master Guide with basic information for each home like arrival and departure times and safety information. Make a change on the guide, and every home updates automatically. Guides can be individualized for each property, with instructions for using the fireplace or hot tub, a photo of the coffeemaker or front door or a brief video for using the door code.

Integrates with popular rental software

RueBaRue integrates with popular vacation rental software, which allows us to create individualized digital guestbooks and customized local area guides for each home in seconds. Integration also lets us import guest reservations automatically so vacation rental managers can schedule a time and date for sending digital guestbooks, surveys and other materials by email or text message.

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