Area Guide Checklist

Guests love having a detailed area guide on their phones with up-to-date information about where to eat, what to see and do, and where to find essential services like the nearest grocery store and pharmacy.

Area Guide Checklist

A daunting task? Not with our Area Guide Checklist, a handy list of things to include about your area to delight your guests and set your vacation rental business apart from the pack. Pick the categories that are best for your business and add any that we missed.

Where to Eat

Include up to 10 of the best per category so guests won’t be overwhelmed by choices. Add recommendations for local dishes and must-try food experiences.


The best sights, landmarks and other of points interest in your area including under-the-radar finds only locals know.


The best activities in the area to delight your guests.

Essential Services

Where to find groceries, medications and other basics.


Recommendations for local products, crafts, souvenirs and unique items to buy.


Include dates, venues and special traditions and activities.

Targeted Mini Guides

Create focused guides for where to eat and what to see and do

Specializd Mini Guides

Provide self-guided mini-tours of specialized businesses and attractions in your area.

Email the area guide to guests two weeks before they arrive to help with trip planning. Text the guide to guests' phones two days before arrival so they can use it during their stay.

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