Guest Communication Checklist

Providing the information guests need at the right time and in the right way is a great way to make your guests feel welcome, allay any travel anxiety they may have and show off your business at its best.

Texting lets you answer guest questions instantly, reduce the number of repetitive guest calls, schedule and send messages automatically, send emergency alerts and much more. But email is preferable for materials guests may wish to read on their computers, like contracts and trip-planning information.

Our Guest Communication Checklist makes it easy for you to know when and how to best communicate with your guests and give them an amazing vacation experience.

Before Guests Arrive

From booking to arrival, send text and email messages to welcome your guests, help with trip planning, tell them what to expect, address any concerns and deliver information they’ll need when they arrive.

See our Home Guide Checklist and Area Guide Checklist for ideas for your Home and Area guides.

During Their Stay

Use text messaging to deliver information as needed and let guests know that you and your team are there to help.

After Check-Out

Be in touch with your guests to learn what they thought of their stay, invite them to come back and to say thank you.

See our Guest Survey Checklist for ideas on what to include in your guest survey.

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