How to Create the Perfect Destination Guide — And Why It Matters

Yes, your job is to help your guests find their ideal vacation rental property. But they’re coming for a vacation.

That means they want to know all about the area. Where should they eat? What should they see and do? How can they make the most of their time?

A smart destination guide offers your guests all the information they need for an enjoyable stay. It can help you establish yourself as a local authority, set your business apart from the pack and reel in positive reviews. A great guide can also keep users parked on your page instead of migrating to Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Here are 5 tips for creating an information-packed destination guide your guests will love.


Share your insider expertise

As a vacation property manager, you’re the expert (your staff probably knows a lot about the area, too). You know the best attractions for families with small children and what appeals to couples on a romantic getaway. You also know the most challenging hiking trails, the quietest beaches and where to get the juiciest burgers. One reason guests rent houses is to experience local life. Share tips only a local knows, like where you’ll see the mayor sipping coffee most mornings or which days the bakery makes their famous chocolate chip muffins.


Create a one-day game plan

What should a newcomer see to get acquainted with your area? Put a one-day game plan on the guide that gives guests the lay of the land. Start with breakfast, wrap with the late-night jazz club and add choice items in between. Guests can follow the plan to the letter or pick it apart for ideas. Or devise a day-long tour that introduces guests to a nearby town or your area’s legendary scenic drive. Suggest places to eat, things to do and fun stops along the way.


Celebrate local artisans and businesses

Is your area known for a cluster of distinctive small businesses? Create a special guide to local art galleries, craft beer breweries, jewelry makers or independent book stores — whatever local gems your destination offers in bulk. List businesses geographically, so guests can visit them easily whether on foot or by car.


Highlight special events

Put together a year-long calendar of your destination’s events, festivals and holiday happenings, from the annual two-week blue grass festivities and summertime farmers markets to the holiday tree lighting. Besides showcasing the rich experiences your area offers, the offerings can help guests plan their stay. It may even prompt undecided renters to sign up. Add pop up events as they occur.


Keep everything up to date

Nothing is more deflating to guests than visiting an art gallery, museum or sports rental shop that’s closed. Destination guide information needs to be up to date, from opening hours and addresses to business closings. Products like the RueBaRue Guest Experience Platform update business information automatically and are a great way to save time, worry and effort.

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