What-to-Pack Checklist for Beach Vacations

What’s the most stressful aspect of trip planning? For many guests, it’s deciding what to bring on their trip. But provide a checklist of what to pack, and you can ease guest anxiety, enhance their stay and show off your vacation rental business at its best.

Our What-to-Pack Checklist for Beach Vacations is filled with packing ideas that can be easily modified for any snow-free season or setting. Keep the categories you like, drop those that don’t work for you, and add anything we missed. Email or text your checklist to guests two weeks before arrival. They’ll thank you.

Garments that are comfortable, care-free and ideal for the beach and beyond
Beach essentials
All the accessories guests need for unforgettable days at the beach.
Personal Care
Help your guests look their best in and out of the water.
Entertainment and Electronics
Amusements – so that even relaxing moments are never dull.
Odds and Ends
Items that your guests want and need.

Remind your guests to check the weather forecast before they go. They may want to grab an umbrella, rain poncho or boots.

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